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The unit for Chemical Biology (Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden - CBCS) at SciLifeLab is looking for chemical biology projects to support. We provide world-leading expertise to academic groups across Sweden in a collaborative project model.

The support may include:

  • Assay development and screening of small molecules and drugs, including projects in BSL2/3
  • Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry support (functionalized molecules for pulldown, activity based probes)
  • Computational chemistry (such as virtual screening, chemoinformatics, machine learning)
  • Access to small-molecule and annotated drug libraries.
  • Drug and/or disease profiling using Cell Painting -Support for functional precision medicine projects monitoring drug sensitivity profiles in patient material.

All applications are ranked by our external project review committee based on scientific potential and feasibility. Prioritized projects receive subsidized support (co-funding). We require a demonstration of technical feasibility thus we require that you contact CBCS well in advance (at minimum 2 weeks before) of the final deadline. See for your nearest point of contact.

Infrastructure Evaluation 2024

31 days remaining.

SciLifeLab infrastructure evaluation 2024. All information is available in the documents below.

The PM and PLP programs will support projects addressing an unmet clinical need, where technology development in collaboration with one or more SciLifeLab infrastructure units or PLP units could enable clinical applications.

The typical grant size will be 300-500 kSEK for one year.

Each proposal is expected to have at least two applicants, linking the SciLifeLab infrastructure and PLP units to hospital clinics and clinical laboratories. The main applicant should be a representative of a SciLifeLab infrastructure unit or PLP unit. There can be up to two co-applicants, of which at least one clinically active researcher, including researchers at clinical laboratories, who must hold a PhD. Each SciLifeLab infrastructure unit or PLP unit can be the main applicant in at most one proposal.

The Precision Medicine Capability at SciLifeLab aims to facilitate translational research and clinical trials within precision medicine (read our Roadmap). As part of this, we have received funding from the Swedish research council to increase accessibility to our national infrastructure, to support clinical trials in precision medicine with cutting-edge technologies. This call will fund 2-3 pilot projects to perform multimodal analyses at any of SciLifeLab’s technology platforms aiming to increase feasibility of bedside-to-bench-to-bedside coordination.

The pilots will mainly focus on sample flow, both bedside-to-bench and cross-platform including data integration. All needed permits need to be in place and sampling processes should aim to align with routine sampling and an efficient use of patient material to avoid unnecessary sampling, The pilots will focus on feasibility in generating multimodal data on small clinical cohorts (10s of patients) and the exact sample processing flow will need to be customized together with the PI and the technology platforms according to sample sets available and the requested data types to be generated. The funding provided will cover for the experimental costs and the expertise at the technology platform.

If you have questions about the call please contact the Precision Medicine Capability by email ( This call is open for clinically active researcher with a doctoral degree. English should be used when filling out this application. You are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

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