Call for proposals
Infrastructure midterm checkup 2022

2022-09-15 00:00 Europe/Stockholm
2022-09-16 09:00 Europe/Stockholm
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Call is closed; a proposal cannot be created.

Midterm checkup of both the platforms, and their constituent units. The discussion will result in feedback to the platforms and units, and suggestion for budget adjustments for 2023-24.

The material from the platforms and units was obtained in a process external to this system, and was merged into a single document for the reviewers.

No proposals are to be created by platforms or units in this call. This is purely for the review of the platforms and units. The call was therefore never opened.

General Terms and Conditions for Funding.pdf Download

General Terms and Conditions for Funding of Infrastructures

DDD Key Performance Indicators.docx Download

DDD Key Performance Indicators

DDD Strategy Document.pdf Download

DDD Strategy Document

DDD Budget 2022.xlsx Download

DDD Budget 2022

SciLifeLab Midterm Checkup 2022 Report.pdf Download

SciLifeLab Infrastructure Midterm Checkup Report 2022

Program Midterm Checkup Oct 5–6.pdf Download

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