Call for proposals
Call 4. Laboratory Preparedness for Pandemics

2020-12-15 00:00 Europe/Stockholm
2021-02-01 09:00 Europe/Stockholm
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Call for proposal for pandemic preparedness. We solicit suggestions (in a short letter of intent format) from PIs and scientists at Swedish universities to develop capabilities that could be quickly deployed to monitor the pandemic, but also create long-term capabilities for analysis and detection of pandemics.

Guidance for budget: Since this is a letter intent, detailed budgets are not pre-defined, but applicants should keep in mind that annual SciLifeLab support to a single well-established facility are 2-5 MSEK per year, while platforms with a broad repertoire of technologies receive more than 10 MSEK per year. Also, please note that almost all SciLifeLab facilities and platforms also receive other infrastructure funding, so consider this aspect in planning the long-term capabilities.
Funding period: 2021-2022
For a complete description, see this page on the SciLifeLab web site.

Letter_of_Intent_Template_Call 4_Name_of_your_proposal.docx Download

Application template to fill in to describe your proposal. Note that you can only submit one file per proposal. The file shall be submitted as PDF.

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