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WASP-HS and DDLS joint call for seed-money

2022-06-08 09:00 Europe/Stockholm
2022-09-01 15:00 Europe/Stockholm
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DDLS and WASP-HS are committed to forming meaningful collaborations between the scientific disciplines of DDLS and WASP-HS. As a first step, DDLS and WASP-HS now announce a call for seed-money to explore the possibility of developing joint research projects addressing mutually relevant themes.

The proposed collaborations should address issues of major significance that bridge the thematic profiles of DDLS and WASP-HS. The projects should lead to significant multidisciplinary research activities and include conceptual and/or methodological elements related to both the data driven life sciences on the one hand and the humanities and social sciences on the other. Areas of focus should be related to AI, autonomous systems, or data as well as the ethical, legal, social, economic, cultural or policy issues that arise in their application. This should include the opportunities and challenges of DDLS (related to the four strategic areas) within culture and society and for different stakeholders. The project should be of a visionary nature and have a clear potential for impact for both DDLS and WASP-HS programs. Both applicants need to be actively participating in the project. An applicant can be involved in a maximum 2 applications.

For a full description of the call, see this page at WASP-HS or this DDLS page at SciLifeLab.

Main applicant commitment letter.docx Download

Template for the commitment lettter of the main applicant.

Co-applicant commitment letter.docx Download

Template for the commitment letter of the co-applicant.

Proposal template DDLS_WASP joint call.docx Download

Template for the description of the proposal.

Template WASPHSDDLS 2022 call project budget EN.xlsx Download

Template for project budget document, English version.

Template WASPHSDDLS 2022 call projektbudget SE.xlsx Download

Template for project budget document, Swedish version.

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