Call for proposals
WASP-HS and DDLS joint call for seed-money 2023

2023-02-17 00:00 Europe/Stockholm
2023-03-31 17:00 Europe/Stockholm
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This call aims to provide seed money for research investigating the human and social challenges of data-driven strategies developed within the life sciences. The research should aim to increase the understanding of how using artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, and data-driven methodologies in the life sciences, has effects and consequences in the life sciences, medicine, and/or society. The research should be of a visionary nature and have a clear potential for impact both within the life sciences and the humanities and/or social sciences. The call also aims to facilitate the establishment of collaborations between researchers from the data-driven- life sciences and the social sciences and humanities.

For a full description of the call, see this page.

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