A call in the Anubis system is a representation of a a call for proposals. It is the basis for all other entities in the Anubis system.

A call has an identifier, a title, and a description. It may have documents attached. It contains the descriptions and definitions for proposals, reviews, decisions and grant dossiers.

A call is prepared and handled by a call owner, which is either an administrator or an account which hase been given this privilege by the administrator. The call owner sets up the input fields for the proposal, and the reviews, the decision and grant dossier for each proposal.

A user with an account in the Anubis system can create a proposal within an open call. The structure of the proposal is determined by the call owner when setting up the call.

A call has an opens date, from which it becomes visible to the world. It has a closes date, which determines the last time a proposal can be submitted in the call.

The opens date of a call defines when the call becomes publicly available so that proposals can be created by users. The call cannot be open unless this has been set.

After the closes date of a call, a user can no longer create, edit or submit a proposal in it.

Anubis 1.12.1