Instructions for reviewers

The number of your unfinalized reviews is displayed on a yellow background in the top menu. If there is no such yellow marker, your reviews are done.

  1. Click on the item "My reviews" in the top menu.
    • The list of all reviews for your user account are shown in a table, which can be sorted by any column.
    • Note that the table may have more than one page, depending on the number of proposals. Use the page selector at the bottom right of the table.
  2. Click on the link "Review" to view the review of the proposal on that line in the table.
  3. Edit the review.
  4. Click Finalize to indicate that you are done with the review.
    • Until the due date for reviews in the call, you may Unfinalize a review if you wish to resume editing it.
  5. To view the proposal of the review, click the link to the proposal in the title. (Tip: do right-click and "Open in new tab".)
  6. Before the due date, ensure that all your reviews have been finalized.

Basic reviewer information

  • A user account is set as a reviewer for a specific call by the admin of the Anubis system.
  • The admin also creates the review instances for the proposals for each reviewer.
  • Depending on the policy for the call, a reviewer may have to write a review for all or only some proposals.
  • The content (input fields) of the reviews are set for the call by the admin.
  • The reviews of a call have a due date, before which all reviews must have been finalized by the reviewers.

Reviewer privileges

  • The reviewer may view all proposals in the call.
  • The reviewer can edit her review instance.
  • The reviewers cannot create or delete review instances.
  • The chair, if any, of a call may create review instances.
  • A reviewer may view finalized reviews by other reviewers only if the admin allows it for the call.

Anubis 1.11.12