Instructions for users

Create a user account

  • In order to create a proposal in a call, a user must have an account in the system.
  • To create an account in the Anubis system, go to the page Register a user account and follow the instructions.
  • When a new user account has been enabled, you will receive an email describing how to set your password.
  • Once you have an enabled account with the password set, you may create a proposal from an open call.

Create a proposal

  • Go to the page of the open call. All open calls are displayed on the home page.
  • Unless you have not already created a proposal in the call, there is a button in the call page allowing you to do so.
  • Create the proposal and fill in the values for the input fields.
  • You may save the unfinished proposal and return to editing it later.
  • Once the required fields of the proposal have been filled in correctly, you may submit it.
  • A proposal that has been submitted can no longer be edited.
  • As long as the call is open, you may un-submit your proposal if you wish to edit it further, or even delete it.
  • Once the call's deadline for submission has been passed, the user may no longer submit a proposal. Be sure to submit your proposal before the deadline!

Display your proposals

  • The number of your unsubmitted proposals is displayed on a yellow background in the top menu. If there is no such yellow marker, your proposals, if any, have all been submitted.
  • To list all your proposals, click the item "My proposals" in the top menu.

Anubis 1.14.6