Anubis is a system to handle calls, proposal submission and reviews.

It is based on a number of types of entities.


A call is a call for proposals. In the Anubis system, it is a container for proposals, reviews and decisions.


A proposal can be created and written by anyone who has an account in the Anubis system. A proposal is always made in the context of a specific call.

The proposal must be submitted by the user before the closes date of the call.


The review of proposal within a call is set up by the administrator. This includes defining what information the reviewers must provide, including scores or rank, and which accounts should be reviewers of which proposals.


The decision is a way of documenting what the result of the review of a proposal is.

Grant dossier

A grant dossier is a means for the researcher and staff to share information about a successful proposal.

Input field types

Most of the above entities are configured for each call to provide a set of input fields, to be filled in by the user, reviewer or staff. There are a number of input field types that may be used.


An account is the representation of a user in the Anubis system. A user must have an account to be able to write a proposal. An account may have different roles, which gives different sets of privileges.


Different user roles have different sets of privileges, which determine what they are allowed to do within the Anubis system.

Anubis 1.12.1