A review is an evaluation by a reviewer of a specific proposal. The administrator sets up the review of the proposals in a call.

First, the review input fields are configured, in the same way as the input fields for a proposal.

Second, the accounts of the persons who will review the proposals are added as reviewers to the call.

Third, the administrator must also create the review objects (forms) for each proposal for each reviewer. Thus, it is possible to assign a subset of proposals to a reviewer, or all proposals, depending on the policy for that call.

Reviewers cannot create their own review entities; this is done by the administrator. A reviewer can only edit their reviews, not create or delete them.

The review has a deadline, and the reviewers can edit their reviews until that date. The reviews should be finalized to denote that no more work is going to be done on the respective review.

Review instances have input fields defined by the administrator, similar to how a proposal is defined. All reviews within a call have the same input fields.

Anubis 1.14.6