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CBGE Platform Pipeline Projects for mechanism-of-action studies 2024

2024-06-14 14:00 Europe/Stockholm
2024-10-11 14:00 Europe/Stockholm
85 days remaining.
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Chemical Biology and Genome Engineering (CBGE) is a SciLifeLab infrastructure platform with the mission to turn phenotypic observations into mechanistic insight. We do this by combining chemical, proteomic, and genetic approaches. The platform consists of three units: Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS), CRISPR Functional Genomics (CFG), and Chemical Proteomics (ChemProt).

This call is intended for projects with a clearly defined need for services from more than one unit of the CBGE platform. The purpose is to investigate the mechanism-of-action and/or molecular targets of small molecules identified in activities such as phenotypic assays or other screening efforts. Projects aimed at understanding the mechanism of existing drugs, or projects in drug repositioning and drug repurposing are equally suitable. Other modalities can be considered. Please find the complete call text attached as a pdf here in Anubis.

We request a demonstration of technical feasibility, so please ensure that you contact CBGE well in advance (and no later than 2 weeks before) the final deadline. Contact (Platform Director, Head of CBCS) or (Platform co-Director, Head of CFG) to request a mandatory meeting. The application word template available in Anubis must be used. Finalized project proposals are uploaded directly as a single pdf file into Anubis. All material provided is considered confidential, and access is restricted to a limited group of CBGE personnel under conditions of confidentiality, solely for the purpose of evaluating the proposed research.

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