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In this call, we are looking for new project proposals for drug discovery. All therapeutic modalities are of of interest that can be developed in collaboration with the Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD) at SciLifeLab. Therapeutics include small molecules, antibodies, oligonucleotides and new modalities. Of special interest are oligonucleotides and projects that can utilize the new offering of SciLifeLab DNA Encoded Chemical Libraries combined with machine learning and in silico screens.

More information about SciLifeLab DDD and the call is available at

The call is open for scientists with a doctoral degree at a Swedish university or higher institution. English should be used when filling out this application. You are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

If you have questions about the call please contact Platform Scientific Directors Per Arvidsson or Kristian Sandberg by email ( or

SciLifeLab aims to support events within the scope of our fields of research, open to participants from all over Sweden. We aim to encourage collaboration among and between SciLifeLab infrastructure and researchers, as well as with external organizations, and increase awareness of SciLifeLab to the broader research community in Sweden and abroad. A SciLifeLab infrastructure platform/unit or a SciLifeLab group leader must be the organizer or a visible co-organizer.

DDLS and WASP-HS are committed to forming meaningful collaborations between the scientific disciplines of DDLS and WASP-HS. As a first step, DDLS and WASP-HS now announce a call for seed-money to explore the possibility of developing joint research projects addressing mutually relevant themes.

The proposed collaborations should address issues of major significance that bridge the thematic profiles of DDLS and WASP-HS. The projects should lead to significant multidisciplinary research activities and include conceptual and/or methodological elements related to both the data driven life sciences on the one hand and the humanities and social sciences on the other. Areas of focus should be related to AI, autonomous systems, or data as well as the ethical, legal, social, economic, cultural or policy issues that arise in their application. This should include the opportunities and challenges of DDLS (related to the four strategic areas) within culture and society and for different stakeholders. The project should be of a visionary nature and have a clear potential for impact for both DDLS and WASP-HS programs. Both applicants need to be actively participating in the project. An applicant can be involved in a maximum 2 applications.

For a full description of the call, see this page at WASP-HS or this DDLS page at SciLifeLab.

This call is open only for the infrastructure units of SciLifeLab.

Campus Solna is characterized by a research community actively pushing the envelope of what is technically possible to solve important and complex questions in biology. To address the constant challenge of maintaining and developing state-of-the-art technical infrastructures, seed funding for new initiatives is available. RED Project funding is intended to enable groups at Campus Solna to explore novel technical applications that may be considered high risk and not quite mature enough to attract conventional funding. Projects should be well-defined with a strong potential impact if proof-of-principle can be obtained. Continuation or expanding already funded projects will not be considered. RED project grants will be funded at a maximum level of 750 tkr/yr with 2 years of possible project support. The long-term ambition is to provide support for 6-8 on-going RED projects.

Evaluation: Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprised of one/two external representatives from each Stockholm Trio university and recommendations for funding will be presented by the Scientific Directors to the Campus Solna Committee for decision at the November 24, 2022 meeting.

CBCS Large Projects Call 2022

37 days remaining.

CBCS is looking for projects in the Chemical Biology areas to support starting late 2022/early 2023. All applications are ranked by our external project review committee based on scientific potential and feasibility. Prioritized projects receive subsidized support. For more information, please visit

A digital information meeting about this call will be held August 15, 2022 at 11.30–12.15. Register here for the information meeting: Calls for new project support in chemical biology and drug discovery - SciLifeLab

Annual call for the procurement of common equipment to enhance and maintain the general research capabilities at Campus Solna. Applications for support of up to 1 mkr will be considered. Co-funding strategies are encouraged and RED grant support can be coupled with other financing to acquire equipment exceeding 1 mkr. Applications with clear endorsement from multiple groups will be prioritized.

Evaluation: Applications will be reviewed by the Campus Solna Working Group (AG) and recommendations for funding will be presented by the Campus Solna Director to the Campus Solna Committee for decision at the October 27, 2022 meeting.

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