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Annual call for the procurement of common equipment to enhance and maintain the general research capabilities at Campus Solna. Applications for support of up to 1 MSEK will be considered. Co-funding strategies are encouraged and RED grant support can be coupled with other financing to acquire equipment exceeding 1 MSEK. Applications with clear endorsement from multiple groups will be prioritized.

SciLifeLab aims to support events within the scope of our fields of research, open to participants from all over Sweden. We aim to encourage collaboration among and between SciLifeLab infrastructure and researchers, as well as with external organizations, and increase awareness of SciLifeLab to the broader research community in Sweden and abroad. A SciLifeLab infrastructure platform/unit or a SciLifeLab group leader must be the organizer or a visible co-organizer.

Detailed information about the call can be found in this document

Dear SciLifeLab Group leaders, Platform Directors, and Head of Units,

Is your research the theme for SciLifeLab Science Summit in 2024? Send in your proposal now and take part as the scientific committee!

SciLifeLab is seeking proposals for its annual major scientific event, the SciLifeLab Science Summit. The SciLifeLab Science Summit focuses on research and research achievements of interest to the national research community. Ideally, this can be presented such that we will highlight the use and utility of SciLifeLab platform technologies as well. Please read the aim, description, and target group for SciLifeLab Science Summit in this PDF document.

Three Research Environment and Development (RED) Postdoctoral Fellowship grants are open for applications in 2023. RED Postdoc Fellows will receive a 2-year contract (1 MSEK/yr) to work on self-designed research projects. Successful candidates will be matched to an existing research group and embedded in the unique interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment at SciLifeLab Campus Solna.

SciLifeLab is a research infrastructure in Sweden with unique technologies and broad expertise in molecular life sciences. Campus Solna is jointly operated by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Stockholm University (SU), also known as Stockholm Trio. All activities at Campus Solna are aligned with its dual mission: hosting national research infrastructures, and being an internationally competitive research center. Technical innovations developed at Campus Solna, enhance SciLifeLab's reputation at the forefront of molecular life sciences.

Research at Campus Solna is supported by expert staff scientists and state-of-the-art experimental facilities that together provide a unique environment for training scientists at all career stages.

As a RED Postdoc Fellow at Campus Solna SciLifeLab you will:

· be part of an internationally recognized research community with access to cutting edge technologies in molecular life sciences

· have the opportunity to work on an ambitious research project in conjunction with competent interdisciplinary experimentalists and bioinformaticians

· work in a supportive and collaborative research environment with a community that fosters scientific exchange and promotes scientific independence

· be employed by one of the Stockholm Trio universities

Eligibility: Applicants must have obtained a PhD within the past 3 years, or have completed their PhD by the starting date of the fellowship, and not already engaged as a postdoctoral researcher at SciLifeLab Campus Solna.

Application Deadline: December 27, 2023 at 14:00


  1. Curriculum vitae, including publications (submit as a PDF file)

  2. Project Proposal – organized as follows (5 page limit; submit as a single PDF file):

I. Background and significance (approx. ¾ page) - specify the question/problem being addressed

II. Project aims, (approx. ¼ page)

III. Project description (maximum 3 pages, may include one figure)

IV. Describe the involvement of the host group with emphasis on the relevance of the existing expertise provided. Indicate the skills you bring to the project and what new skills you anticipate to gain. (approx. ¾ pages)

V. References (approx. ¼ page)

  1. Letter of Support from Campus Solna SciLifeLab Host, and, if relevant, a letter of support from an external partner (submit as a PDF file)

Submit CV, Project Proposal and Letter of Support using the Anubis Web ( portal

  1. Two Reference Letters – referees should send their reference letters to:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the letters are received by the deadline.

Contact: Professor Per Ljungdahl, Director Campus Solna, SciLifeLab; e‑mail:

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