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Call for new drug discovery projects at SciLifeLab DDD 2024-1

2024-05-06 17:00 Europe/Stockholm
2024-08-22 17:00 Europe/Stockholm
70 days remaining.
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The DDD platform at SciLifeLab supports academic drug discovery project with expertise and technical capabilities. We have, for example, platforms to develop small molecule drugs, therapeutic antibodies, oligonucleotide therapeutics, proximity-inducing agents such as bispecific antibodies and PROTACs. The DDD offer includes full infrastructure support, a competitive/generous cost model, and full retention of ownership for the project proposer (the academic PI).

In this call, the Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD) at SciLifeLab is looking for new project proposals for drug discovery. All therapeutic modalities outlined above are of interest. DDD supports a project portfolio consisting of about 20 programs and we foresee a need to replenish our portfolio with 3-5 new programs this year. We are interested in programs with defined targets for diseases with medical needs. Therapeutic ideas based on technologies that can be extended to other targets and/or other indications are of special interest, i.e. therapeutic platform technologies, as are projects to develop therapeutic molecules with innovative mode-of-actions (e.g., targeted delivery or new modes-of-action for antisense oligonucleotides, small molecules, antibodies and/or proximity-inducers).

Note that small projects for selections in phage display libraries for antibodies, selections in DNA encoded chemical libraries for small molecules or limited screening for antisense or siRNA molecules can be considered.

A description of new modalities in drug discovery research can be found here:

If you have questions about the call please contact DDD by email ( This call is open for scientists with a doctoral degree at a Swedish university or higher institution. English should be used when filling out this application. You are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


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