Call for proposals
Call for infrastructure proposals at SciLifeLab Uppsala University 2024

2024-06-14 10:30 Europe/Stockholm
2024-08-23 15:00 Europe/Stockholm
36 days remaining.
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The SciLifeLab committee UU opens a call for new equipment, software and/or related personnel aiming to develop SciLifeLab infrastructure services at Uppsala University.

The proposals must give a clear description of the need for the equipment, software and/or related personnel, in addition to a clear description of potential projects and activities that will benefit from the proposal, the relevance to the SciLifeLab research community at large, including actions under the Capabilities (read more) or other current projects facilitated by SciLifeLab infrastructures (read more).

Who can apply

  • SciLifeLab group leaders at Uppsala University (incl. SciLifeLab and DDLS fellows).
  • National SciLifeLab units and currently SFO-funded SciLifeLab local units at Uppsala University.


  • Contribution to SciLifeLab competitiveness – How the proposal will enhance the competitiveness of SciLifeLab infrastructures at Uppsala University should be clearly motivated.
  • Relevance for the SciLifeLab research community – Describe how the SciLifeLab research community will gain from the proposal.

Terms and conditions for the funding

  • The maximum amount of funds that will be allocated to a single application in the call is 1.5 MSEK.
  • We will not accept applications for the purchase of personal computers. The format for reporting of the project will be described upon approval.

Application format

  • Proposals can be submitted until August 23, 2024. The proposals should include a summary, a description of the equipment, software and/or related personnel, brief project description including budget, and descriptions on how the equipment would increase the national competitiveness and relevance to the SciLifeLab research community (pdf, maximum 2 A4 pages).

A letter of support from the head of department or equivalent must be attached to the application, stating that funds can be received during 2024.

Evaluation of proposals and decision about funding will be taken by the SciLifeLab committee UU at their meeting on September 23, 2024, after prioritization by the SciLifeLab management group in Uppsala with assistance from the National Infrastructure of SciLifeLab.

Approved funding will be transferred as a one-time payment no later than October 1, 2024.

Questions regarding the call can be addressed to Aristidis Moustakas, Scientific Director UU, SciLifeLab ( and technical questions to Titti Ekegren, Project coordinator, SciLifeLab (

Welcome with your proposal!


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