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Campus Solna Research Environment and Development (RED) Grant - Equipment

2024-07-05 12:00 Europe/Stockholm
2024-09-27 15:00 Europe/Stockholm
71 days remaining.
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Annual call for the procurement of common equipment to enhance and maintain the general research capabilities at Campus Solna. Applications for support of up to 1 mkr will be considered. Co-funding strategies are encouraged and RED grant support can be coupled with other financing to acquire equipment exceeding 1 mkr. New for this year, applications for shared instruments acquired within one year of the last RED Equipment Grant call are eligible for support, i.e., it is possible to obtain retroactive reimbursement. Important to note is that RED equipment grants are awarded on a competitive basis, applications for retroactive support will be evaluated in the context of all applications and will not receive preferential consideration.

Evaluation: Applications are to be reviewed by the Campus Solna Working Group (SD, InfraDir, CS Dir) and recommendations for funding will be presented to the Campus Solna Committee for decision at the November 2024 meeting.

Criteria for prioritizing support:

  • Clear description of the equipment, its purpose, its specific capabilities, and a link to a supplier’s web page should be included if appropriate.
  • Motivate why the instrument would be beneficial or add value to the research environment at Campus Solna.
  • Define the need for its procurement. How will the instrument enhance the capabilities, productivity and competitiveness of research activities carried out at Campus Solna.
  • Does the instrument represent a new technology, or is it a replacement/upgrade of existing equipment?
  • The expectation is that the equipment will be maintained and made available to all users at Campus Solna; outline a plan for financing running costs and how to provide access.
  • Support by multiple group leaders will strengthen the application and be prioritized.

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