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SciLifeLab Science Summit Proposals for topic 2024

2023-06-21 00:00 Europe/Stockholm
2023-11-23 17:00 Europe/Stockholm
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Dear SciLifeLab Group leaders, Platform Directors, and Head of Units,

Is your research the theme for SciLifeLab Science Summit in 2024? Send in your proposal now and take part as the scientific committee!

SciLifeLab is seeking proposals for its annual major scientific event, the SciLifeLab Science Summit. The SciLifeLab Science Summit focuses on research and research achievements of interest to the national research community. Ideally, this can be presented such that we will highlight the use and utility of SciLifeLab platform technologies as well. Please read the aim, description, and target group for SciLifeLab Science Summit in this PDF document.

Previous years' topics have been:

  • 2016: Single-cell analyses from microbes to human brain
  • 2017: Imaging the Complexity of Life
  • 2018: Chemical and Genetic Screening – Exploring the Future Frontiers of Human Health
  • 2019: Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences
  • 2023: Genomics of Biodiversity and Evolution

We are now requesting topics, content and potential individuals willing to organize the 2024 SciLifeLab Science Summit. SciLifeLab Operations Office will handle all administration and practical details regarding the meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to get full administrative and financial support from SciLifeLab for a symposium you think would be of great interest for the Swedish life science community.

NOTE: The submitter of the proposal is assumed to be the primary organizer of the proposed meeting. He/she will be the chair of the organizer team and contact person for SciLifeLab Operations Office.

Concept_SciLifeLab Science Summit.pdf Download

Description of the SciLifeLab Science Summit.

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