Instructions for administrators

The admin is a user account which has full privileges for the Anubis site. She may perform all operations that are possible to do via the web interface.

User account handling

  • The admin may register user accounts.
  • The admin may edit, enable or disable user accounts.
  • An admin may set other user accounts to be admin.

Call handling

  • The admin creates a call, and edits its content.
  • The admin controls when a call becomes published by setting the opens date of the call.
  • The admin controls the deadline for creating and submitting proposals to a call by setting the closes date.
  • The contents of a call (the input fields for proposals, reviews and decisions) can be edited whenever by the admin, but when a call has been published it should be kept intact, or users will be confused.

Reviewers and reviews

  • The admin may set a user account as a reviewer in a call.
  • The admin may also set a user account as a chair for a call. This is a special type of reviewer who has slightly higher privileges than ordinary reviewers.
  • The admin must create the review instances for each reviewer and proposal in a call. It is up to the admin to decide which proposals a reviewer must review.

Proposal handling

  • The admin is allowed to edit and submit any user's proposals. This can be done even when the call for the proposal has been closed. Of course, this should be done only in special circumstances.
  • The admin is allowed to change the ownership of a proposal.

Anubis 1.14.6